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/ The Important Partner Client Information System

our client information system, has been online since 2013. In May 2015, it came with new features in 2.0. Get to know the client information system and be so close to the action that it is as if you were in one of our offices. Even better than if you were in the customs office itself - around the clock. As a neutral customs agent, IP Customs Solutions GmbH offers you this online customs service throughout Germany. A burden is lifted from your shoulders and you have more time for your core business, without losing personal contact with our staff.

With our client information system, you have following basis functionality at your disposal

  1. Direct online access to your transmission data around the clock
  2. Immediate accessibility of all customs-related documentation, including downloads, e.g., of tax returns, export and shipping documents, export notices, etc.
  3. Fully automated shipping information by e-mail to your processing department
  4. Shipment commissioning (AES export / NCTS shipping procedures / registration for free circulation import)
  5. Additional procedural functions, such as submission of arrival confirmation
  6. Online invoice printing including an overview of the current financial situation

Optional functionality on request

  1. Option for integrating the system into your ERP system via an interface
  2. Access to contract documentation
If you are interested in having access to , feel free to contact us.
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